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Services & Programs

At TBCS we have mental health practitioners that specialize in several areas including substance abuse, adjustment to chronic/ life threatening illness, men's and women's issues, trauma, grief, and more. 


Individual Counseling

As a client of TBCS, you can expect one on one conversations with an experienced licensed therapist in a safe, caring, and confidential environment. Our therapeutic approach is catered specifically to each of our client's individual needs. We work with clients struggling with a variety of challenges such as adjustment to life changes, mental illness, chronic illness, grief, relationship issues and more.

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Family and Couples

We all want to feel happy, loved, and supported by those closest to us. However, sometimes we face hardships and frustrations that impede on our sense of security, trust, and connection in our relationships. At TBCS we work with couples and families to identify the root cause of what is corroding away at the relationship, and work with you to regain connection and intimacy. We also work with those who are considering divorce or separation in helping you navigate through this difficult decision. 

Men's Issues

Societal expectations can make it feel difficult, or even shameful for men to speak about various issues or struggles they experience. Some of these issues may include concerns involving work stress, relationship or intimacy problems, lack of confidence, mid-life crisis, depression, or anxiety. We believe in guiding you through the process of working through these struggles in a safe, comfortable environment.


Substance Abuse 

More than one in three adults in the U.S. have struggled with addiction issues during their lifetime. It's a pervasive disease that has been stigmatized throughout society for years making it difficult to request help. Our goal is to create a safe, non-judgmental environment for those brave enough to take that first step. We will prepare you for early recovery and educate the entire family on what to expect during this process. We will assist you in identifying triggers and exploring underlying causes that are often catalyst to this disease.    

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Women's Issues

Women in the U.S. face a wide array of unique issues that create stress from both internal and external pressures. There has been an abundance of recent research on a concept called the "mental load" which refers to the many responsibilities that are often unspoken, but automatically assumed by the majority of women in the household. In addition,  changes, such as menopause, hormonal changes, and parenting can add to these stressors. We don't just want to help you survive these struggles, we want to help you learn to thrive. 

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Grief Counseling

Grief shows up in many forms, and sometimes it's hard to describe or express how we feel when we experience unexpected loss. It is common to experience feelings like anger, regret, guilt, or symptoms of depression. Our goal is help you develop strategies and methods to cope with the physical, emotional, spiritual, and cognitive responses to loss. 

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Adjusting to Chronic or Terminal Illness

Receiving a diagnosis of a chronic or terminal illness is devastating news for individuals and their loved ones. Life changes in drastic measures, but that doesn't mean life for you or your loved one ends at that moment. We understand how difficult it can be to accept this new way of living. We want to  walk with you and provide practical and emotional support to help you navigate through this process. .


Qualified Supervision

Currently we offer Clinical Supervision to RMHCI in the State of Florida. Please contact us for availability; we limit the number of participants due to the 2 year commitment. In the near future we will also be able to provide supervision to MSW interns.  

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